¡It's Mexican flavor in the Mayan Riviera!


Hotel el Moro was established in 2000 with only 6 rooms and since then we have grown to 23 rooms. Our commitment has been, is and it will be to offer the best lodging experience and satisfaction to our guests and friends.


Why is our symbol a crab?


We adapted our symbol in commemoration to a beautiful crab that unfortunately died in our premises when we bought our first property, the color of the crab was purple, hence the name "MORO". This crab was once abundant in the region, inhabiting both the lagoon and the beach. Now, due to the constant growth that the city of Puerto Morelos has had, their number has dangerously decreased. If you are lucky and happen to see these beautiful creatures greet them and protect them on their way home.


Thank you for your preference and help us protect this beautiful creature and the environment of our wonderful region.


Hotel CASA EL MORO welcomes everyone. We can work with you to find a room that meet all you need.